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East Park unable to match Birmingham’s big guns - Posted 10 April 2016


A sunny Sunday afternoon saw East Park Wolves Cyclespeedway Club take on their near neigbours Birmingham Monarchs in a Midland league local fixture.
East Park were showing off their new racing tops for this season. These were purchased with help from a big donation from ''West Midland Police'' whose logo will be arresting other riders attention on all Midland tracks this season!

So onto the racing.  Starting at 1:00pm it was youngsters first in a 8 heat match for those up and coming all under the age of 14.   If you ever though
about your kids having a go, then this is where it all starts.  Five in each side from young Sophie age 5 all keen to rip up the track and see a chequered flag waving them in for another win!!    Birmingham 43, East Park Wolves 37.  Top scorers were Marc Philips (12)  Ryan Williams (10) for Birmingham, and Liam Cartwright (15)  and Josh Whetton (12) for Wolves.

The main event at 2:00pm saw the two eight man teams do battle over 18 races.  East Park held a narrow 1 point lead up to heat 8, but as Birmingham Monarchs settled in to our large track they started to pull ahead and ended up as winners by a 15 point margin
The win to the visitors was due to a brilliant 3 prong attack from Mark Winwood, Chris Timms and Ricki Johnson, all scoring 18 points each from a possible 20 point maximum.
East Park could not match this.  They rode hard with their young team, giving their all which lead to plenty of exciting racing.  The youngest rider turned out to be the top scorer, Jake White.  He will be a name to watch in the future 14+1 points from 20 was very well done!!
Looking at the result overall it shows Birmingham scored 3 maximum heat wins.  East Park could not match that.  Also East Park managed 3 exclusions in 3 races which also dented their chances of taking the win.  Final score was East Park Wolves 81 Birmingham 96.

Midland League division 2 match rounded off the entertainment.  This meeting is run to bring on riders for 1st team duties.
East Park took the lead with a max 7points to 3 in heat 1, and finish also with the same score in the final heat no.15.  Thanks to Josh Hill, Sam Bishop and the 'old' new comer Dave White.
The good start and good finish was great, but the home side lost out by 69 points to 80.  Birmingham were lead by Ewan Hancock, unbeaten by any of the Wolverhampton boys.  Best rider for East Park Wolves in this match with 16 points was Josh Hill.
Due to the fact Birmingham used some 1st team riders in the division 2 event, they were handicapped with a 25 point deduction.  Therefore Wolves won the match 69 - 55.



East Park travelled to Ashmore Park on Sunday for the second of their Midland League fixtures.  Now that Wednesfield have put two Division one teams in the league, it meant a 1pm start.  By the end of 49 races and the various re-runs, the East Park riders were well and truly done in.  Racing went on till around 6pm, far too long for most people.

The matches themselves were all hard fought and controlled very well by the three referees Wayne Aris, Mick Aris and Lee Aris who had their hands full as always when these two clubs meet.

 East Park took a fair battering in the first match which was expected. After all they were really riding an Elite/Premier team.  It looks unlikely that any league team will get the better of the Aces this year.

The second Division One match went the other way with East Park taking the win.  The Combination match was as good as both the first team matches with Wednesfield taking the win although the match was a lot closer than the score suggests.

When these two clubs meet the sparks always fly.  However after the racing is finished, hands are shook and smiles exchanged until the next time.  Well done!  All in all, a good day’s cycle speedway.


Midland League Division One

Wednesfield Aces 107

Lee Aris 20, Ricki Johnson 17, Paul Heard 16, Chris Jewkes 14, Mark Griffiths 14, Scott Doherty 12, Matt Haddock 12, Glyn Rowley 2

East Park Wolves 70

Matt Smith 15, Jamie Ball 13, David Ball 10, Luke Draisey 8, Jamie Whetton 7, Brandon Whetton 7, Will Cartwright 5, Jack Hibberd 5

Wednesfield Dragons 76

Tony De'leon 17, Troy Allen 15, Jordan Holdgroft 13, Tom Haddock 11, Harry Everiss 8, Mick Aris 7, Dave Meanley 3, Haydn Rowley 2

East Park Wolves 100

David Ball 16, Matt Smith 15, Jamie Ball 15, Brandon Whetton 12, Will Cartwight 11, Lee Kemp 11, Jack Hibberd 10, Luke Draisey 10


Midland League Division Two

Wednesfield Aces 71

Carl Parfitt 12, Alex Aris 12, Conner Dyke 10, Charlie Ellitts 10, Haydn Rowley 9, Courtney Aris 9, Tom Bewick 9

East Park Wolves 58

Jammie Whetton 16, Lee Kemp 11, Josh Hill 7, Brandon Whetton 7, Josh Whetton 6, Gemma Cartwright 5, Liam Cartwright 3, Lewis Morrissey 3



On Sunday East Park held their first Midland League fixture against Birmingham with a start time of 2 pm. Members turned up at 11.30 am to get the circuit ready for the match . With the temperature showing 0 degrees and snow falling, although the sun was out, it was decided that the match would go ahead.

The Birmingham riders started turning up and looked as dejected as the East Park riders the snow was still falling and was not any warmer but cycle speedway riders are a hardy bunch and every one made their way to the pits. Both teams were short of first team riders, Birmingham more than East Park it should be said.

Referee Al Bentley called the team captains and the coin was tossed.Birmingham made the call and lost, East Park choosing the outside grids. David Ball and Will Cartwright came up for East Park, Scott Millward and Richard Stevenson for Birmingham , The tapes went up and at the end David Ball had got the better of Scott Millward. The scores went to a 6-4 to East Park with Will Cartwright following Scott home.


The next two heats went to five-alls with Chris Timms taking his first of four wins. As the match went on the weather got colder, however the racing hotted up with Paul Timms taking a very hard fall on the back straight but able to get back up a complete the race. Two other East Park riders David Ball and Jamie Ball also had hard falls. Again both were able to get up and complete their races with the scores finishing at East Park 100 points and Birmingham 80 points.


East Park Wolves 100

Matt Smith 16, Jamie Whetton 15, Jamie Ball 14, Brandon Whetton 13, Will Cartwright 13, Lee Kemp 11 David Ball 10, Luke Draisey 8

Birmingham Monarchs 80

Chris. Timms 19, Scott Millward 17, Nathan Groves 16, Richard Stevenson 6, Paul Timms 8, Phil Widdas 7, Ryan Winwood 4, Reece Winwood 4